Life of the Party


“Bert Kreischer is one of the great American wild men. A gonzo warrior driven not by cynicism or a desire to reveal dark truths but instead by a deep, almost essential, need to have a good time-no matter what. His stories track the trials and tribulations of a big-hearted dude trying to fit in, help out, party and find himself. After all is said and done we arrive with him at the true humility of joy.”
Marc Maron , New York Times bestselling author of Attempting Normal

“Bert Kreischer is as fearless on the page as he is on the stage. Bert admits things in Life of the Party that most of us wouldn’t even admit to ourselves. Open to page one and let Bert Kreischer take you on the magical ride. You’ll laugh out loud frequently, feel uncomfortable occasionally, and even feel a little warm and fuzzy at the inner warmth of this perpetual man-child-but you will always, always be entertained.”
Mick Foley , #1 New York Times bestselling author of Foley is Good

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Life of the Party    Life of the Party
Life of the Party
Life of the Party