Life of the Party

Fat Shame
Marshmallow Shirt

Date City, State Venue Ticket Link
Dec 8–10, 2016 Indianapolis, IN Morty’s Comedy Joint
Dec 15–17, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Improv-Ft. Lauderdale
Dec 29–30, 2016 Oxnard, CA Oxnard Levity Live-Oxnard, CA
Jan 12–14, 2017 San Diego, CA American Comedy Co.-San Diego, CA
Jan 21, 2017 Boston, MA Wilbur Theatre-Boston, MA
Jan 26, 2017 Buffalo, NY CALL IN SICK TO WORK SHOW-Helium
Jan 26–28, 2017 Buffalo, NY Helium Comedy Club-Buffalo, NY
Feb 2–4, 2017 Lexington, KY Comedy Off Broadway-Lexington, KY
Feb 9–11, 2017 Bellevue, WA The Parlor Live – Lincoln Square
Feb 23–26, 2017 San Antonia, TX Laugh Out Loud-San Antonio, TX
Mar 2–4, 2017 Portland, OR Helium Comedy Club-Portland, OR
Mar 2, 2017 Portland , OR CALL IN SICK TO WORK-Helium
Mar 10–11, 2017 Richmond, VA Funny Bone-Richmond, VA
Mar 17, 2017 Columbus, OH CALL IN SICK TO WORK-Funny Bone
Mar 24–25, 2017 Albany, NY Funny Bone-Albany NY

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